February 23, 2017

How to Troubleshoot MacBook Air Camera Error?

A camera in MacBook Air is designed for different usage like video calling, identifying the retina scan or take picture of your background. But what if camera is not working or showing the error “there is no connected camera” and not allowing using this function. If you think it is a hardware problem, stop right now, as there could be other reasons camera is not working on your PC.
You can see this error when you use other apps using camera function for chatting, video calling or messaging etc. Don’t assume it is a hardware problem, as the issue can be from the software end also not allowing you to use camera function on your MacBook Air. But here below you can find tips for how to troubleshoot camera error in MacBook Air laptop.

Rebooting is the best process to fix such issues

Sometimes camera function not responds due to improper shutdown and rebooting is the best way to fix such issues in MacBook Air Support. Actually, rebooting helps to cooldown all the applications running at the background and restore the virtual memory of the system allowing it run faster and permit all functions to work properly without showing any issue.    

Update Camera Driver with latest version

If camera driver in your Mac OS X is running outdated you can encountered with such issues. Actually, after system update you also need to update drivers on your MacBook Air to avoid such issues. If you need any help or online assistance for driver related issues then call at MacBook air technical support where online technicians will update all the drivers.   

Other Quick-fix solutions for MacBook Air camera

However, if you don’t want to reboot your system or updated the driver but the problem persists, then you need to use other tricks to fix the camera problem in your MacBook Air. First of all close or forcefully quit all the applications using camera function on your MacBook. Now you have to open terminal available in Application and Utilities where use a command “sudo killall VDCAssistant” and enter the admin password to get access. If you still face a problem you can call at MacBook air support phone number for online help to run this process.  

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