December 21, 2016

How to Restore Back To Factory Settings MacBook Pro?

MacBook Pro not working properly needs a right process for restoring its original settings. If your Mac machine is not running properly, showing unexpected errors, running slow or encountered with virus outbreak you have to restore your machine to factory settings. And below the right process has been discussed for restore factory settings with safety.     
Keep Backup before Restoring
Before initiating the factory restore process you need to take backups of your MacBook pro Support. Get an external hard disk or use cloud storage to upload all the data that you can restore anytime from anywhere having access of your apple account.  

Recharge MacBook Pro and Reboot 

At the time of performing such actions you need to recharge the battery at full capacity, as sudden power off during backup or factory restoring process can resulting loss in data or system crash. Hence, connect with AC adapter and boot your system meanwhile press and hold “Command+R” keys to initiate the restoring process. Keep pressing unless Apple logo appears on your screen and you will be on a booting screen.

Connect with Internet and Login into Apple Account

To finish the factory restore process on your MacBook Pro you have to connect your system with internet. Use Wi-Fi connection and enter your username and password to connect with internet. If you face internet connection related issues issues you can take MacBook pro technical support to fix the problem remotely.

Use OS X Recovery Option to Reinstall Mac OS X

Find the OS X “Recovery and Internet Recovery” option or select any of them you find. At this stage you have to reinstall OS X option by connecting your MacBook pro with the server of apple using your registered username and password. As soon you connect the downloading process will be started and your MacBook Pro will get latest Mac OS X with all the customize settings as per your preference.

After downloading reinstall Mac OS X in your MacBook Pro and when reinstallation process completed restart your computer and provide the detail of your apple account to move for further process. Now your MacBook Pro is completely new and either you can restore the backups you have taken at starting time or you can also sell this Mac machine to anyone.

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